• The Gravity GSSPWBSET1 Pole Speaker Stand features a heavy-duty yet lightweight steel and die-cast iron construction with a round base. The stand provides height adjustment from 1050mm to 1800mm and an ergonomic set screw knob that allows you to raise/lower the stand in 75mm increments. Capable of supporting 25kg, the GSSPWBSET1 speaker stand has a 35mm tube diameter that is compatible with most PA speaker pole mounts. The Gravity GSSPWBSET1 stand comes supplied with a 5kg VARIWEIGHT plate which easily attaches to the base and provides further stability.

    • Height Adjustable from 1050mm to 1800mm
    • Sturdy Round Base with a 450mm Diameter
    • Quick, Easy and Secure Setup
    • Capable of Supporting up to 25kg
    • Includes a VARIWEIGHT 5kg Weight Plate
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  • The Gravity Speaker Stand. Made from heavy-duty yet lightweight aluminium tubing with a load capacity of 50kg per stand and a maximum height of 192cm. The redesigned leg collar provides superior durability and longevity, while the height adjustment collar is made of steel for additional strength. Setting up each stand is quick, easy and comfortable thanks to the ergonomic set screw knobs. Designed to withstand even the most vigorous touring schedule, the Gravity speaker stands are ideal for finding your optimum speaker placement.

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  • SPTek 4000 Wind Up Stand 80Kg/4.1m

    A heavy lift, ultra-high lighting stand for multiple applications. This stand has the ability to extend right up to a maximum height whilst still maintaining its maximum load. A simple clever crank action extends and retracts smoothly

    In addition to its far reaching capabilities, this stand is a simple to use too. A clever crank action helps you to extend or retract smoothly, and with minimal effort. The design features a geared column and two risers, made from hardwearing, strengthened stainless steel, giving you all the stability you need, while making it incredibly easy to use at the same time. This robust frame means it can lift up to a massive 80kg too.

    Due to its innovative design and unlike many other stands available on the market, this lighting stand has been awarded TÜV certification for its safety credentials, so you can be sure it’s up to any challenge you require of it. It features a levelling leg, so you can adjust to perfection with ease, even on rougher ground and includes a footstep for making minor adjustments when in use.

    Benefiting from an impressive wide footprint of 180cm to ensure a rock solid platform ready to support numerous requirements. Presented in chrome finish, making this stand a stylish, hard-wearing and impressive professional lighting support.


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  • Sliver Truss
    The Global Truss F33 feature TUV Certified aluminium welding and 3mm wall thickness for a superb load handling capacity.
    Conical connectors with pins and R clips are provided with each piece for quick assembly.
    3 metre sections of tri truss are available for all your staging needs!
    Ladder truss also available, please ask for details.
    Global Truss F33 3m Straight Supplied with 3 conical connectors
    This is Great for Hanging up Lighting and also Projection Screens. Also it comes with a LED Star Cloth to Trap on to which gives out a Great Effect.
    Truss Diameter: 290mm
    Tube Diameter: 50mm
    Global Truss F33 3m Straight
    Supplied with 3 conical connectors
    Prolyte Truss compatible
    Truss Diameter: 290mm
    Tube Diameter: 50mm

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  • Podium / Plinth Truss
    Truss Plinth 1.5M ia a Quad trussing plinth package for mounting moving heads and other similar lights.
    White cloth surround gives a great effect.
    Uplighter LED light at the base gives off a colourful effect. Please ask for details.
    Manufactured from high-grade and lightweight aluminum which is easy for transportation and setup
    Includes connecting hardware

    Product Specification
    Silver Baseplate – 600mm x 600mm
    Top Plate – 315mm x 315mm
    Connector – Conical Type

    Height: 1.5m
    Truss 385mm Outside dimensions

    17kg approx

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  • Lighting Truss Package.

    Great for Moving Heads, Scans and Effects. For DJ and Bands alike.

    • 2 x wind up heavy duty stands.
    • 6m Tri Truss.
    • Top Hat Clamps.


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