• Flame Machines
    The 1.5M LED Flame Machine from Equinox creates an extraordinary dramatic flame effect and is a must for stages, events, discos and restaurants etc. With it’s 54 Ultra Bright 10mm LEDs (R: 27, B: 27) the LED Flame machine’s breath taking effects will inject heat into any party and can be run continuously all night long without any worries about overheating and replacing any lamps.
    Provided as pair for maximum effect.


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  • Flood Lights LED Stage.

    Brings and instant party atmosphere, filling the space with bright and bubbly colours!

    18 x 8W quad-colour LEDs (RGBW)
    Beam angle: 25°
    400Hz refresh rate
    DMX channels: 4 or 6 selectable
    Static colour, colour mix, colour change, colour fade, auto, sound active and master/slave modes
    0-100% dimming and variable strobe
    Bracket allows for multiple rigging or floor standing applications
    3 push button menu with LED display
    IEC power input/output
    3-Pin XLR in/out sockets
    Fan cooled
    Utilising quad-colour LED technology the Q Colour adds intense colour to stages and performers. The fixture has a rugged chassis and provides exceptional quality, coverage and ease of use. With the ability to run built-in programs and perform full RGBW colour mixing with or without DMX control the fixture is perfect for architectural work and installation.

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  • The SpectraPix Batten contains 224 SMD 5050 RGB LEDs divided into 16 segments. They feature a wide 120° viewing angle and feature a milky, frost effect front screen along with clear front screen to further expand the versatility of this fixture. Onboard features include colour mixing to create soft washes from its rich colour palette, and chase programs controlled in auto mode or activated by music. A number of chase programs are included and can be selected by the control panel along with speed and variable strobe.

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  • Wireless, portable battery powered LED uplighters.

    4 x 8W quad-colour LEDs (RGBA) Uplighters
    Beam angle: 15° (field angle: 29°)
    DMX channels: 4/6 or 10 selectable
    Wireless DMX control (W DMX compatible)
    Static colour, colour change, colour fade, auto, sound active and master/slave modes
    0-100% dimming and variable strobe
    Adjustable foot support for angled floor standing applications (up to 25°)
    Carry handle for transportation
    4 push button menu with LED display
    Rechargeable battery for wireless applications
    Maximum run time: 16 hours (single colour), 8 hours (colour change/fade), 4 hours (full on)
    Charging time: 5 hours (max.)
    IEC power input/output
    3-Pin XLR input/output
    Supplied with IR remote

    QB1 uplighters

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  • LED Cougar Pair
    The Cougar Pack from Acme is the latest addition to the ever growing range of LED lighting effects. Featuring two LED DMX goboflowers each powered by a single Ultra Bright 10W white LED, the Cougar pack produces an array of rich saturated colours through its 11 gobos which constantly change to the beat of the music and look superb when projected against walls and dance floors.
    Their intense, vibrant colours far outshine those of conventional gobo flowers and will never fade.
    With 4 DMX channels to control the shutter/strobe speed, gobo selection, rotation and dimming, the Cougar Pack can create stunning cutting-edge intelligent light shows.
    In addition to DMX control the Cougar pack can also be run in sound active or auto mode via its built in programmes.
    Also included in the pack is a CA-8 hand controller for instant lighting shows at your fingertips and 1 x DMX cable to link the units together master/slave for a coordinated light show.

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  • LED KAM Fiesta
    Kam LED Fiesta Wide Angle 5 Lens DJ Disco Light Creating Multi-colour Beam Pattern Effects With Red + Green + Blue + White + Amber LED’s DMX Compatible with DMX Input + Output Ideal Lighting for DJs + Disco
    Five lens classic disco lighting effect with DMX
    Multi-colour RGBWA LED (red, green, blue, white & amber)
    Extreme wide angle multi-beam lighting effects
    Sound-to-Light mode via built-in microphone
    Adjustable microphone sensitivity
    Auto/standalone mode
    DMX mode
    Master/Slave mode
    Four button function setting with LED display

    Adjustable metal hanging bracket
    Safety chain loop
    IEC mains input
    Dimensions (WxHxD): 340 x 340 x 210mm
    (not including bracket)
    Weight: 3.8Kg

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  • Equinox – The Helix XP is a powerful 150W LED gobo flower which produces an array of multi-coloured rotating gobos. All 8 gobos are interchangeable along with a separate colour wheel featuring 9 colours plus open. To further enhance this effect, an additional 11-piece gobo pack is also included to cover many popular events and celebrations. Clever programming allows users to select a single gobo and then have specific colours from the colour wheel added to them manually whilst being activated automatically or via sound. The unit, although compact in size, has a wide beam angle but still packs a punch over a long distance thanks to its superior optics and high output LED. The Helix XP can be linked with the Helix Scan XP and Helix Roller XP to create synchronised shows.

    • 1 x 150W cool white LED (7200K)
    • Beam angle: 42°
    • Manual focus
    • 8 rotating, replaceable gobos
    • 9 colours + open
    • DMX channels: 2/6 or 8 selectable
    • Auto, sound active and master/slave modes plus built-in programs
    • 0-100% dimming
    • Variable strobe
    • Optional CA 8 controller
    • Supplied with dual position mounting bracket
    • 4 button menu with LED display
    • PowerTwist input/output
    • 3-Pin XLR input/output
    • Fan cooled
    • Supplied with an additional gobo pack containing 11 popular gobos
    • Linkable with the Helix Scan XP and Helix Roller XP
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  • LED Triclops
    15 x 3W RGBWA LEDs
    DMX channels: 1 or 8 selectable
    Auto, sound active, and master slave modes
    0-100% dimming and variable strobe
    4 push button menu with LED display
    IEC in socket
    3-Pin XLR in/out socket
    Fan cooled
    Supplied with hanging bracket
    This lightweight centrepiece fires out dozens of amazingly bright red, green, blue, white and amber beams, reflecting from mirrors that tilt up and down. Suitable for mobile DJs along with clubs and discos, the Triclops is an exciting LED centrepiece effect which creates a superb lightshow. The fixture can be operated in sound active, auto, master/slave or DMX modes.

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  • LEDJ Slimline 229 Uplighter

    Powerful and compact LED Uplighters with a variety of modes and colours – they can even ‘dance’ to the music.

    Uplighters sit on the ground and are positioned to flood the wall with colour from the floor to ceiling. Our Uplighters each hold 229 LEDs each and can be set to spectrum of colours.

    LED Uplighters are surprising small and take up very little floor space. Strategically placing 6-8 uplighters will transform any space into a warm and welcoming room.

    Our LED Uplighters can also be used in DMX mode which makes them ideal for stage shows and dance floors!

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    DMX channels: 7
    Operation modes: Static colour, Colour change, Colour fade, Auto run, Slave, LED, Sound active and DMX
    LEDs: 229 Ultra Bright 10mm LEDs (R: 36, G: 63, B: 61, A: 69)
    400Hz flicker free LEDs
    IEC power In/Out sockets
    3-Pin XLR In/Out Sockets
    4 push button LED display for easy use
    0-100% dimming
    Beam angle: 25 degrees
    Power Consumption: 20W

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  • Great for 80s Retro Discos and events.
    Utilising RGB SMD 5050 LEDs combined with retro styling the Rubix offers a fresh approach to on-stage ‘eye candy’ effects.
    Twenty seven pixels, arranged in a hexagonal chassis generate a full colour, 3D effect as the colours bring the flat panel to life.
    The choice of control options include sound active, master/slave, and auto, accessing a large number of built in macros making
    these ideal for night clubs, entertainers or on stage.
    The Rubix also features full pixel mapping capability for integration into larger systems.

    – 108 tri-colour SMD 5050 LEDs (RGB)
    – Viewing angle: 180°
    – Pixels: 27
    – DMX channels: 9/14/17/81/83 or 98 selectable
    – Auto, sound active and master/slave modes
    – 0 – 100% dimming and variable strobe
    – Supplied with quick release omega clamps
    – 4 push button menu with LED display
    – PowerCON input/output
    – 3-Pin XLR input/output
    – Create 3D retro effects
    – Convection cooled

    – Power consumption: 35W
    – Power supply: 100~240V, 50/60Hz
    – Fuse: T1A 250V
    – Dimensions: 500 x 434 x 116mm
    – Weight: 5.2kg

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  • Mirror / Glitter Ball 40 cm / 16″
    These 40cm mirror balls are ideal to be used with pinspot lights and a motor, creating a beautiful starry effect on the walls and ceilings. Great for parties, events or even shop window displays and venue decoration.
    Fitted with a metal hanging ring
    Facet size: 10 x 10mm
    Diameter: 40cm
    Weight: 3.0kg
    Internal Construction: Hollow Polyethylene (non PVC)
    Best used with a mirror ball motor and spot light with which they produce a glittering display of light
    Fitted with a metal hanging ring
    Inner ball – PVC
    Key Features
    Solid Plastic Core
    Continuous Bonding
    Real Glass Mirrors
    Holding Bail
    High Stability

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  • The Power Par 54 MKIII is a powerful fixture that feature tri-colour LEDs and produce a range of effects including colour change and fade, controllable in auto and sound active modes along with DMX. A dual bracket is included allowing the fixture to be hung or stood on the floor.

    • 54 x 3W tri-colour LEDs (RGB)
    • Beam angle: 25°
    • 1721 Lux @ 2m (full on)
    • DMX channels: 6
    • Auto, sound active and master/slave modes
    • 0 – 100% dimming
    • Variable strobe
    • Bracket allows for multiple rigging or floor standing applications
    • 4 button menu with LED display
    • IEC power input/output
    • 3-Pin XLR input/output
    • Fan cooled
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  • Strobe Small Firecracker
    1500 watt Strobe Light
    Stand alone or DMX
    Adjustable intensity rate
    0-100% Dimmable
    1-15 Flashes per second
    Music mode (sound to light)
    With the power to transform any dance floor the Firecracker is the product of cutting-edge lighting technology. Small and compact, the fixture comes with a durable, high-tech plastic case that protects it from damage during transportation, set-up and breakdown. The Firecracker lets users change strobe speeds and adjust dimming from 0-100% percent via a standard DMX lighting controller. Speed and dimming control knobs are also located on the rear of the unit for DJ’s who want to operate the Firecracker without a controller. The strobe also can be set to operate in sound-active mode, in which it will flash along to the beat of the music.

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  • Strobe Wildzap
    1500 watt Strobe Light
    Adjustable flash rate
    Adjustable intensity rate
    0 – 100% Dimmable
    1 – 15 flashes per second
    A powerful 1500W strobe light with Xenon discharge lamp. Both speed and output are adjustable from 0-100% via controls on the back of the unit. Optionally it can be controlled by a 0-10V analogue strobe controller and multiple Wildzap units can be linked in master/slave mode.Can also be controlled with the Equinox Strobe Command Strobe Remote (requires stereo jack stereo jack cable) (dimming function not available):Power supply: 240V, Lamp: SOB 1500W, Replacement lamp: LAMP101, Dimensions: 455 x 155 x 127mm (without bracket ), Weight: 6.4kg

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  • Ultraviolet Light tube black
    UV (Ultra Violet) lights make whites and bright colours glow in darkened rooms. Perfect for neon or white themed parties our great range of UV lights are sure to impress.  Also known as Black Lights, the UV light projected from these units will make all bright colours glow!

    4ft tube with case – 240v 35watt


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  • Soundlab 1224 mm UV Blacklight Cage Fittings & tubes.

    A high quality metal enclosure for blacklight tubes. Product features a ballast instant start, hanging brackets, and metal mesh grill. Finished in black.

    4 available for Hire.

    UV 4ft Tubes

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  • This powerful 400W UV cannon will fill a variety of venues with an outstanding UV glow. The unit has been specially designed to house a 400W blacklight lamp (not included) and also features a protective front grille and hanging bracket. This high output fixture will transform any event, club, bowling alley or stage by creating a wide spread of atmospheric UV light.

    4 x available for Hire

    UV Cannon

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  • UV Floodlight
    A very quick and easy way to get the party started, turn on the UV lights!

    18 x 1W ultra violet LEDs
    Beam angle: 30°
    DMX channels: 2
    Sound active, auto and master/slave modes
    0-100% dimming and variable strobe
    3-Pin XLR in/out sockets
    IEC power input/output


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