• Bubble Machine – Small
    Great for outdoor Events and Party’s.
    This lightweight bubble machine features barrel rolling wands which produces an impressive amount of bubbles.
    It is made from heavy duty ABS plastic and features a high quality low noise fan.
    Ideal for events, parties and mobile discos.
    Very high bubble output
    High speed fan with low noise
    Made from lightweight heavy duty plastic
    Easy fill and empty tank
    Includes handheld remote
    For best results use with Qtx bubble fluid SK160575
    Power supply – 230Vac, 50Hz
    Power consumption – 40W
    RPM – 30
    Fluid capacity – 1.8l
    Dimensions – 34 x 17.5 x 21cm
    Weight – 1.2kg

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  • Bubble Machine – Large
    Our remote controlled QTFX-B4 PROFESSIONAL BUBBLE MACHINE produces an extremely high amount of bubbles, with 4 fans for maximum output and quick dispersion.
    With a wheel base for easy transportation and positioning and a quick drain tap at the rear it couldn’t be easier to use.
    Produces an extremely high amount of bubbles
    4 fans for maximum output and quick dispersion
    Wheel base for easy transportation and positioning
    Quick drain tap at the rear
    Power supply – 230Vac, 50Hz
    Number of wheels – 2
    Number of wands per wheel – 10
    RPM (per wheel) – 60
    Power consumption – 100W
    Dimensions – 380 x 450 x 470mm
    Weight – 10.5kg

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  • Low Fog Machine – Pea Souper
    The Le Maitre Pea Souper is the original dry ice machine and now industry standard, the Le Maitre Pea Souper is ruggedly constructed and portable. With straightforward operation and variable output, the Le Maitre Pea Souper is convenient and capable giving 5 minutes of fog production.


    9kg / 20lbs of dry ice provides approx. 5 mins of effect
    18kg/40 lbs of dry ice before reheating required
    Lightweight and portable
    Built-in thermal safety cut-off
    Adjustable flow rate – 4 levels
    Made in the UK

    Power: 230v;50/60Hz; 2.4Kw, 11 Amps
    Dimensions: L x W x H: 685mm x 500mm x 470mm
    Weight: 11kg

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  • Haze Machine
    Professional high output 600w haze machine with wired remote control, Supplied with 1 litre bottle of haze fluid. True constant output/Adjustable output angle. Supplied with wired timer remote control

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  • Smoke Machine – KAM Vertical LED
    The Kam KSM Vegas – A High powered vertical smoke machine with multicolour LED FX.1500w heater.
    Removable 2.5 litre tank capacity.
    Supplied with wireless remote control.
    Manual fog button on rear of unit
    21x 3w LED back lighting FX (red, green & blue)
    Smoke output: 40,000Cu ft/min (approx)
    win DMX input and output. High powered vertical smoke machine with multicolour LED FX. 1500w heater. Manual fog button on rear of unit. Low fluid indicator. Smoke output:
    High powered vertical smoke machine with multicolour LED FX Can be operated vertically or horizontally or even hung upside down! Quick warm up time Supplied with wireless remote control Removable 2.5 litre tank capacity Twin DMX Master/Slave mode LED display for DMX control

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  • Small Smoke Machine

    Smoke Machine – Small but powerful. Great for house parties, small venue or pub.
    An ideal machine for easy operation that is perfect for smaller venues.
    Not suitable for use where a smoke detector is active.
    Smoke fluid medium density. Hanging bracket and clamp provided.
    Power : AC 240V.
    Heater : 800 W
    Output : 3,000 cu.ft / min
    Fluid Consumption Rate : 60 min / 0.8 litre.
    Wired switch. On and Off.

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  • Smoke Machine – Medium
    1000 Watt Heater
    Warm up time: approx 8 min
    Thermal control system
    Output: 7,000 cu. ft/min
    Tank Capacity: 2.5 Litre
    Remote Included
    Includes hanging bracket
    A compact powerful smoke machine with a 1000 watt heater. The DJ Blaster 1000 produces a jet of dense smoke to help emphasise lights and add impact to shows. It can be used with the supplied wired remote control or a wireless remote, that can work up to 25 metres away. Two LEDs on the rear let you know when the fogger is ready and warming up. The liquid level indicator is clear to see on the back so there is no need to run out of liquid. Use it on the floor or hung from a lighting stand or trussing. Supplied with 5 litres of haze fluid.

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  • Smoke Machine – Large
    An extremely powerful professional smoke machine ideal for use at large venues & events. Fitted with a 1500 watt heater & microprocessor heating control giving the machine a massive output of 20,000 cubic feet of smoke per minute.
    Managed by a state of the art LCD controller allowing precise smoke output volume & timer control.
    The machine is also fully DMX controllable.
    Perfect for dance parties or spooky themed parties! Our smoke machines are extra large, produce enough smoke to fill a large room in 3-4 seconds and feature wireless remotes. high output 566 cubic metres per minute, 1x wireless remote, DMX board control option . Warning, turn off when not in use, do not let the machine run out of smoke liquid when running.

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  • The VS-1500 is designed to cater for mobile DJs and bands who want a high output fogger.
    Inside its sleek metal housing is an electronic thermal control taking care of the heat exchanger temperature ensuring a perfect fog every time.
    A removable built-in LCD timer remote control with a 2.5M cable length is fitted neatly into the back of the unit to allow control from a distance. Extra DMX cables can be added to achieve further control distances.
    Buttons on the VS-T remote controll include interval, duration, output, manual and DMX modes, giving the user total control over times and fog volume on each burst.

    Fogtec 1500

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  • Soundlab Snow Machine – Great for making artificial snow flakes. Houses large container for prolonged usage. Ideal for parties, events, theatre or any performance where a snow effect is required. Includes controller for snow flake volume adjustment.
    A great heavy duty snow machine, it has a decent fan and throws the high out put of the snow a long way.

    From just £30 per day!

    The portable and compact Nebula Blizzard is the ideal companion for anyone who needs to launch an avalanche of foamy snow at a moment’s notice. Mount at floor level and you have a blanket of ground cover. Fix to truss or a lighting bar and create your own foam party with foam falling over the audience. A screw-top 1 litre tank holds Lanta Snow Fluid securely enough to prevent accidental spills from knocks and bangs.

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