New Equipment Update!

Hello! It’s been a while since we told you (showed off) our new equipment, so here’s a list of our top 5 recent party purchases!

1) Two words – Flame. Machines! We are very happy to be stocking two 1.5m tall Flame Machines by Equinox. Packed with an impressive 54 LEDs each, these beauties will run continuously and heat up any occasion!

2) Tri Colour DJ Booth. We have (finally) added another DJ Booth to our inventory due to popular demand. Comes with a special tri-coloured Star cloth which will sparkle all night long – it even comes with it’s own DMX controller.

3) A very clever and simple to use Beam300 from KAM which can laser beam your written message onto any hard surface. various modes such as rolling, scrolling, inverted and Halloween/Christmas/birthday themes. It even comes with a remote control and keyboard, just type and your message will appear!

4) UV Flood LightAn essential party piece, and ideal for a ‘black light’ party. Give your guests shimmering drinks, glowing drinks and glowing skin!

5) Last but not least, it’s the iDJ Pro iPad Controller from Numark. Simply download the App to your iPad and plug it in. Using the fantastic dual turntable interface, access your iTunes library and Spotify and enjoy ‘spinning disks’ all night long!


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