The Gold Package: What you can expect

To save you time we have a range of packages to suit all event sizes and budgets. So let’s investigate exactly what you get in our all singing, all dancing, Gold Package!

We were at the Your Move Conference earlier this month at the stunning Belfry in Sutton Coldfield. We have worked with Your Move for over 10 years now, always enjoy their events and they were using the Gold Package as usual.

The Gold Package comes with your very own 2 man crew (it’s included in the price) and we arrived the day before the event to set up. The conference was beginning at 10am the next morning so although we had a comfortable amount of time, there is a fixed deadline!

We unpacked the equipment which is far easier said than done when there’s 9 metres of Tri Truss, 5x2metre stage, 6 speakers, 2 55” LCD Screens and no shortage of lighting either! As we began to set up, we realised that the stage would actually be partially blocking a fire exit on the side of the room. Just a small overhang was blocking the emergency exit but as we all know it’s not safe, or legal, to do this.

We flagged this up with the venue and client straight away and devised a new floor plan with them as quickly as possible. It took a bit of re-jigging but with the new arrangement there was zero compromise on quality and most importantly all fire exits were unobstructed.

Thanks to our speedy troubleshooting and adaptability we prepared the space in good time and also ensured compliance with fire safety laws. It is only from our experience that we spotted early on there might have been a problem, and were able to rectify it in good time.

The end result looked spectacular – an 8’x 6’ screen with a 55” LCD screen either side delivers an impressive display, even if you are sat on the end of the 15th row! We paired a 1000w PA system with 6 speakers in surround sound set-up, and provided 4 lapel microphones for the speakers too. It all worked perfectly and delivered an outstanding event!

All of this comes as standard in our Gold Package!

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