BNI Awards Presentation and Dinner

BNI Awards Presentation Dinner.
Tornado Event Hire ‘set the stage’ for the awards dinner for BNI.
As a member for only a year, enjoying every minute, we were asked to provide a full set up for their Awards Presentation Dinner.
I accepted without hesitaion, giving my 30 years experience in Events to advise and help on equipment needed.
Providing the white twinkle star cloth backdrop. Rear projection screen and projector. Handheld Radio and Lapel Microphones for speeches and the presentation. DJ Booth. Electrovioce 2K Sound System. LCD Screens with HDMI linked to the main 8ft x 6ft rear projection screen. Lighting for Awards and Disco. Video Production Equipment for the presentation and videos. The DJ provided his own mixer, laptop and media system which I plugged into our main sound system.

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