Event Planning: The Importance of Audio Visual

So, you’re planning an event. The first thing you’ve decided is the purpose for your event. Is it clear? Or harder to absorb? Perhaps there are many reasons for your event, you need to decide it’s ‘raison d’etre’ and Stick To It.

What is the goal? And how do you measure the success of an event? Some people will say it’s a numbers game. Whether that’s delegates, tickets, revenue, downloads, subscriptions – it’s always easier to put a number on a target, or a target on a number!

Marketing, Marketing, Marketing. And then, do some more marketing!

It’s ALL in the delivery.What’s the use in booking a great speaker if they can’t be heard at the back? Why bother to create a perfect presentation, if only 80% of your audience can see it?

Do not under estimate the power of Audio Visual.This is LITERALLY how you communicate your message and it pays off to be thorough. If you are working with a venue, ask questions! Do they provide a sound system? Can you hear a test?

Include AV in your budget from day 1. Spending a relatively small amount of money to improve the sound quality will add so much value to your event.Tell your AV supplier about the purpose of your event. Tell us about the atmosphere you want to capture, key moments you want to focus on, anything important to your event, we want to know about it!

A GREAT event will deliver a lasting message. A GREAT event will inspire and motivate. A GREAT event brings people together. A GREAT event starts with calling Tornado Event Hire!

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