5 Tornado Tips to survive the party season!

Here at Tornado Event Hire we have learnt a thing or 5 about the festive season: the good, the bad and the ugly! With office parties, business networking events and huge workloads to contend with, here are our 5 top tips to survive this party season:

1) Water is your best friend.

You should be drinking water first thing in the morning, throughout the day, with every meal and in the evening (especially if there’s alcohol involved!) and this is especially true if you’re partying hard this December. You’ll feel better, and look better too if you stay hydrated.

2) Pace yourself.DJ Kareoke

This could be over the course of the month or just one night. Don’t neck your first glass of fizz in 5 minutes – this is not a sustainable pace! Likewise, if you’ve got events throughout the week, maybe allow yourself to have a relaxed weekend to balance this out. Basically don’t burn yourself out!

3) Manage stress.

Not something us Brits like to talk about, but it does affect everyone and sometimes seriously. In December, workloads can be much higher than usual (we hear you, #EventProfs!) with the added pressure of social functions and making your own plans with friends and family. If you’re feeling anxious, give yourself more scheduled time for evaluation and reflection and don’t be afraid to discuss symptoms with your doctor.

4) Work it Out.

If you usually getting a good amount of exercise, this might be the first thing to go when our diaries are busier than usual. Working up a sweat is actually a really valuable way to keep your energy levels high and of course work off that second mince pie you had last night! Don’t trade off your physical well-being this party season.

5) Enjoy it, and make the most of it.

It comes but once a year so put your best smile on and get out there. Most people will be socially opening up and now’s your chance to build on relationships, personal and professional.

Happy Christmas all!


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