Silver Package

The silver package includes:

Professional DJ  (David Chell) with over 30 years experience, playing all your favourite tunes from 50s – 2018, massive library of music for requests or playlists. Silver Package with B&W flame machines

Electrovoice Q99 amplifier. Electrovoice EX Speaker system 2 x bass 2 x mid/tops.

Denon MC6000 media DJ mixer.

Apple MacBook and Pro Software. HP Pavilion Laptop (spare).

6ft DJ booth with starcloth.

4 x i solution overhead scans.

2 x i solution 5s moving head lights.

2 x Truss Podiums.

6 metre tri truss. 2 x wind up stands.

6 x 3 metre star cloth.

2 x 6ft Flame Machines.

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