Full Equipment List

19″ PC Monitor inc Stand
Karaoke Complete Package
CD Complete Package
ipod Complete Package
Media Complete Package
Gold Conference Package
Projector Screen 8ft x 6ft
Projector Screen 6ft x 4ft
Projection Screen 10ft
Projection Screen 4ft Pop Up
Projector Mitsubishi XD 221 U
Projector Mitsubishi XD 500 U
Projector Mitsubishi WD385U-EST
Projector Mitsubishi XL5900
42 Inch LCD Screen
46 Inch LCD Screen
55 Inch LCD Screen
6×3 Gazebo
12×4 Gazebo
3×3 Pop up Gazebo
White Plastic Chairs
White Tressel Tables
Heaters 2k
Stage – Indoor
Stage – Outdoor                                                                  
Inflatable canopy
Dancefloor – Wooden
Speaker Stand
Lighting Stand and T Bar
Lighting Stand and T Bar Black
Microphone Boom Stand
Truss Podium
Bubble Machines
Mirror Ball
DJ Starcloth Black
DJ Booth
LED 6m x 3m Star Cloth
Star Cloth Black
Ultraviolet Lights
Smoke Machines
Haze Machine
Photobooth Mirror
Low Fog Machine Pea Souper
Snow Machine
Equinox Pegasus 2 Laser
Laser 3D
LED Fiesta
LED Interceptor
LED Incred
LED Jive
LED Eyebar
LED Triclops
LED Cougar
Dynatwin Light
Goboflower Light
Stormbird Light
Wildzap Strobe
Firecracker Strobe
Amplifier Q99 1800 watt (Electrovoice)
Amplifier Q66 1200 watt (Electrovoice)
Amplifier 2500 watt
Amplifier 1000 Watt
Amplifier 800 watt
Amplifier 1300 watt
Amplifier 1500 watt
Amplifier 1600 watt
Denon DN-HD2500 Media Player
Denon MC6000 Media Player
DVD Player
CD Player top loader
Microphone Radio Dual
Microphones Handheld / Radio
Microphones Leaded – Shure / Sennheiser / Behringer
Radio Microphones (4) Quad
Microphone Sennheiser XSW 35 UHF Wireless
Microphone Shure 18″ G/Neck
Microphone Sennheiser XSW 12 UHF Lapel
Mixer Citronic 8:4 4 Channel
Mixer Citronic Pro 2
Mixer Cironic CDMX-1 CD Player
CD Player / Mixer Gemini CDM500
Mixer Citronic 2 channel 2U
Speakers EV SX 100 Full Range 150 watt
Speakers EV SX 300 Full Range 300 watt
Speakers EV Eliminator Full Range 650 watt
Speakers EV Eliminator Bass 650 watt
Speakers EV Force IE Bass 450 watt
Speakers EV Force IE Full Range 350 watt
Speakers passive 150 watt
Speakers Active 10 inch 250 watt
Speakers Active 12 inch PSR 300 watt
Speakers Active 15 inch PSR 350 watt
Speakers Active 10 inch 150 watt
Speakers KAM Soundforce V2 300 watt
Speakers 300 watt Sub Bass


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