Strobe Small Firecracker

Strobe Small Firecracker
1500 watt Strobe Light
Stand alone or DMX
Adjustable intensity rate
0-100% Dimmable
1-15 Flashes per second
Music mode (sound to light)
With the power to transform any dance floor the Firecracker is the product of cutting-edge lighting technology. Small and compact, the fixture comes with a durable, high-tech plastic case that protects it from damage during transportation, set-up and breakdown. The Firecracker lets users change strobe speeds and adjust dimming from 0-100% percent via a standard DMX lighting controller. Speed and dimming control knobs are also located on the rear of the unit for DJ’s who want to operate the Firecracker without a controller. The strobe also can be set to operate in sound-active mode, in which it will flash along to the beat of the music.

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