LED Uplighters

LEDJ Slimline 229 Uplighter

Powerful and compact LED Uplighters with a variety of modes and colours – they can even ‘dance’ to the music.

Uplighters sit on the ground and are positioned to flood the wall with colour from the floor to ceiling. Our Uplighters each hold 229 LEDs each and can be set to spectrum of colours.

LED Uplighters are surprising small and take up very little floor space. Strategically placing 6-8 uplighters will transform any space into a warm and welcoming room.

Our LED Uplighters can also be used in DMX mode which makes them ideal for stage shows and dance floors!

More information:

DMX channels: 7
Operation modes: Static colour, Colour change, Colour fade, Auto run, Slave, LED, Sound active and DMX
LEDs: 229 Ultra Bright 10mm LEDs (R: 36, G: 63, B: 61, A: 69)
400Hz flicker free LEDs
IEC power In/Out sockets
3-Pin XLR In/Out Sockets
4 push button LED display for easy use
0-100% dimming
Beam angle: 25 degrees
Power Consumption: 20W

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