Electrovoice ELX 118 Bass Speakers

Electrovoice ELX 118 Bass Speakers 400 watt.
Full range speaker system package including 2 x bass and two tops. Q66 or Q99 amplifier will give that punch to any event. DJ, Disco or Band.
Get full-bodied bass with this subwoofer from Electro-Voice. Join it with the ELX112 and ELX115 for a roaring sound that’ll blow the audience away.
Supplemental bass for ELX112 or ELX115
EVS-18K woofer for extended LF.
35 Hz – 200 Hz frequency range
134 dB max SPL
Power handling: 400 W continuous, 1600 W peak
Braced 15mm plywood enclosure
Stack or pole-mount full-range boxes
Black textured finish
The Electro Voice ELX 118 is a passive 18-inch subwoofer from the Live-X series. This series was designed for live use and is therefore solidly built. The cabinet is made of 15mm-thick wood and the woofer is protected by a steel grille. Not only is this subwoofer lightweight, but it’s also easy to lift, thanks to the metal handles. The Live-X series is a musical line, equipped with quality parts and a reasonable price tag. This makes it attainable for all different types of musicians, sound technicians and theatres. This series sounds like a real Electro Voice: tight, clear, neutral and dynamic.

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