Outdoor Events

Outdoor Events
Inflatable canopy measures 11 metre’s in width X 5.5 metre’s high X 5 metre’s in depth. Back can be unzipped to gain access.
Stage (in picture) measure’s 5 metre’s X 4 metre’s X 3ft high with railings and steps. Other sizes available.

  • Stage has a waterproof plywood construction with an anti-slip layer.
  • Canopy waterproof PVC material.
  • Generators.
  • Outdoor Festoon or Flood Lighting.

Here are some other options you may like to consider:

  • Electrovoice Eliminator Sound System.
  • Active monitor speakers.
  • Sound desk.
  • Radio and leaded microphones.
  • Stage Lighting.
  • Moving Head and Scan Coloured Lighting.
  • Up lighters (look great inside dome reflecting off the white walls).

For a full quote to your location please contact us 

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