LED Jive

LED Jive
LED’s: R: 32 G: 30, B: 30 (total 92)
Consumption: 10 watts
Dimensions: 244 x 278 x 154mm
Weight: 3.12kgs
LED Jive Disco Lighting Effect and add professional lighting effects to your party! Very simple to use, simply plug the unit into the mains with the supplied cable, and thats it! The internal sensor will flash the lighting effects in time with your music, and if theres no music the Jive will still produce a stunning light show to give your party a professional look! Place the LED Jive on the floor and project the lights onto a wall or ceiling, or mount the unit onto a lighting stand, and the lights will shine down onto the dance floor! Lightweight and easy to transport, these are great for kids parties as well as other events –

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