iRock Scan Light Effect

iRock 5B Scan Light Effect  multi gobo barrel light with many effects only seen in high end lighting equipment. It is DMX controllable as well as sound activated and automatically switches between sound activation and demo mode when no music is detected. The iRock can also be linked with other iSolution products to create mirrored or syncronized effects.

Control – DMX-512 control channel: 5
Setting and addressing: 4 digit blue LED display
LED display with on/off setting function
Data in/out: Locking 3-Pin XLR iSolution operation
Consistant DMX configeration enables iShow to be linked with iRock and iMove
DMX address can be set remotely by iLead controller
No need to calculate the DMX channels of each fixture in the chain
When the DMX signal is off, the lights will switch to master/slave mode automatically
Easy installation, easy addressing, and pre-programmed function
Automatic switching between music trigger or auto trigger mode
Master/Slave mode
Built in dynamic lighting shows for instant operation
User friendly easy controller: Enjoy various lighting shows at your fingertips
Pan: 180 degrees; Tilt: continuous rotation
Gobo wheel: 14 gobo’s plus open blackout, including 1 replaceable gobo, 2 glass gobo’s, 1 effect gobo, and 10 metal gobo’s
Gobo shaking effect
Colour wheel – 11 trapezoid dichroic colours plus white; split colours available
Rainbow effect in both directions
Shutter: Variable speed strobe, 1 – 10 flashes per second
High quality optical lens, dichroic colours and gobo’s
Beam Angle: 14 degrees

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